Your Guide to Virtual Reality

Your Guide to Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is now a reality!

What is Virtual Reality?

It’s not just a hot new tech trend, It’s a great way to virtualize a space or product. Viewers can navigate and immerse themselves in a 3D scene using a VR headset or smart phone lens system like Google Cardboard.
The potentials for amazing experiences are endless. The question comes down to, what can your business do with this amazing new technology?

The Potential of Virtual Reality

  • Simulation, Training, Education
  • Entertainment and Brand Gamification
  • Virtual World Immersion and Visualization

Virtual Reality 3D vs. Virtual Reality 360

Two types of virtual reality are available today. The first, Virtual reality 3D, requires little input from the user and is more like a 3D movie. The second method, Virtual reality 360 uses the tracking technology already in mobile devices to control user input. As you move your phone around, you see new parts of the virtual world.


  • Availability – anyone with a smart phone is already half way there
  • Budget Friendly – mobile VR headsets are significantly cheaper than Oculous Rift
  • Entertainment Value – its like a Viewmaster turned up to 11
  • Complete 360 degrees of immersion
  • Can play an immersive 3D video experience in full 3D motion
  • Controlling the experience via the accelerometer of the phone is a simple way to navigate the scene


  • Lack of inputs – however, many bluetooth enabled devices are being invented to combat this issue
  • Magnet input solution featured on the Google Cardboard is problematic
  • Mobile experience is governed by the processing speed of the smart phone
  • Accelerometer of the smart phones can slip over time and effect accuracy of spacial orientation
  • Can cause motion sickness and should be a seated experience

Where to get your VR headset

So, how do you go about getting your own? Here are some of our top picks, ready made to bring you to whole new worlds.

I Am Cardboard
pros- many sets to choose from, disposable models available
cons- a bit pricier for the quality of build, limited input options

There are a myriad of devices under $10 like Google Cardboard on such as this one.

AGPtek Google Cardboard compliant – plastic
pros – sturdier than most available models, head strap
cons – limited to mobile processing speeds, limited input options

Oculus VR
pros – processing speed of a desktop computer
cons – tethered to desktop computer, expensive in comparison to mobile options


To celebrate St p we’ve made a small 3D VR video scene for you to enjoy. Prepare your VR headset, play the video and set it to full screen.

If you would like to download this video for later viewing, right click here and select “Save Target as…”

The app store has a lot of really cool apps to get started with. Below are two of our favorites:

Fibrum AR Roller Coaster
An awesome roller coaster that takes you through a tropical forest and among ancient ruins. It is a bit short but overall a very fun ride!

Volvo Reality
An excellent example of putting the spotlight on a product using the power of virtual reality.