Augmented Reality – Tabletop Cow

By tracking a printed tracking marker with a tablet device, the Brisk Team has made large-scale objects portable and engaging. See our Augemented Reality primers below for more detail on AR Apps, Transparent LCD Displays, and Hologram-Style exhibits.

Exhibits 2.0 – An Augmented Reality Primer

By tracking physical objects, images, and even people, Augmented Reality brings a whole new level of interaction to your brand. Screens can be interacted with, and product can be explored, via mobile devices, fixed-screen displays, and hologram style exhibits. Augmented Reality Apps are a great way to make large-scale concepts, complex product, and process more accessible.

See-Through – A Transparent LCD Primer

Transparent LCD Display Cases layer Interactive, Animation, and Info Graphics over your Physical Product to create eye-catching and crowd-stopping experiences.

Augmented Reality – Product Explorer

This example shows a portion of what augmented reality is capable of. The app tracks the 2 printed markers on the counter top and displays a myriad of products in 3D space. This is a perfect solution when you would like someone to see and explore your product, but your product is too heavy or massive to bring to the show floor.