Happy Island

By | Apps + Web, Film + Animation | No Comments Low poly, high appeal. This is an interactive level design we have been working on for another project. The intent was to keep the polygon count low but leave the high whimsical appeal. Thought we would share. 0 DELIVERING ROCK-SOLID, WORLDWIDE SEE MORE WORKS LETS GET STARTED
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Bringing Still Photography to Life

By | Film + Animation | No Comments Get into the picture!  By combining great photography with 3D camera projection, we took this static photograph and added depth, motion and environment. This is a great way to revive old stock photos and is a perfect solution for TV bumpers,commercials, digital posters, and web content. 0 DELIVERING ROCK-SOLID,...
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3D Character Animation
Girl Power

By | Film + Animation | No Comments Fresh from the Brisk Labs, 3D character animation fun!   For this particular animation, we combined live motion capture with manual facial expressions. Once we had Sophia bobbing and weaving with expressions and attitude, we moved on to placing her in the 3D city environment. Using the latest motion...
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A History of Touchscreens for Gaming

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A relatively new technology yet to be thoroughly explored, touchscreen interfaces actually have a very diverse background and an interesting future. Starting with the original functioning touchscreen from the University of Illinois, to the mind boggling and infinitely diverse Surface, the hardware and software that has powered this recently found...
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Small Scale to Big Impressions

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  It is strange to consider that the Mythbusters have been doing something all along that the design community should be doing now. Pre-visualization, the act of creating small test versions of the main product about to be made, is a concept most often forgotten and missed by project managers...
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