Augmented Reality – Mechanical Animation

Augmented Reality – Mechanical Animation

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are great tools for companies trying to take their product on the road.  Whether you are trying to demo large scale items that are to big to carry or have too much inventory to possibly take to the client, Brisk Interactive has helped numerous clients virtualize their product lines to create the most tactile experience possible on mobile phones and tablets. With the addition of special lens attachments for phones or VR headsets, the product can also be brought into a full virtual reality 3D experience or walkthrough.

Brisk Interactive AR and VR tools help avoid excess shipping and drayage fees at tradeshows and can be ported to large touchscreens or mobile devices. They are a great conversation starter and help sales teams close the sale.

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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality enhances the world around you. AR works by placing a 3D object into real world-space or real items into screen-space. For camera-facing AR, the application looks for objects or markers placed in real space and positions a digital product or overlay on top of the camera view that tracks user motion. For screen-facing AR, a screen and camera look at the audience. The audience can interact with the screen and place themselves in the scene (like a virtual mirror).

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality places you in another world. VR typically involves the creation of a scene in which architectural elements, product, or characters are freely explored by the individual. Great for walkthroughs or training, Virtual Reality is most impactful when coupled with a 3D viewing device (such as lenses, headset, or a screen overlay).